("Survey Funnel Email Copywriter")

I want to help you.

You’re here because you saw my facebook post, clicked my facebook ad, or already know who I am and you want to know if I’m a good fit to help your business.

So, how about I tell you exactly what you want to know?

I am a freelancer for hire.

And I do two very specific things for my clients.

1) I build out Survey Funnels.

2) I create Soap Opera Sequences… which simply means I’m an email copywriter who specializes in writing out email autoresponders using the method made famous by Andre Chaperon.

My rates are very reasonable.

If you’re interested to discover just how much the 2 things I speaclize in can help your business we should set up a free zoom consultation to chat.

Consultations generally run about 30 minutes.

Click the red button below to get started.

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